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Hey! This is Akardy. Learning about Market-Making & Rust in my free time, and passionate about creating Artificial Intelligence. I'm also part of an independent trading team where I help automate trading strategies using Python (I'll start experimenting with Rust soon).

Just finished my first year at the University of York but beyond code, I'm a history buff and a truth seeker. From unravelling forgotten tales to challenging mainstream stories, I'm on the hunt for the real truth.

This site is my personal space on the internet, where I'll share random topics that I find interesting. If you're reading this and the site is still empty, I apologize; it means I haven't had the time to add anything yet.

Personal Projects

Trend Following System:

- Developing a robust trading system that accept multiple trend following strategies.

- Tech Stack: Python, Binance API, Pandas

York Dialectic Union:

- Designed and develop the society website's frontend. (Will be live on June)

- Tech Stack: React, TypeScript

York Community Consulting:

- Helped migrate their official website codebase from Next.js 12 to Next.js 14.

- Tech Stack: TypeScript, Next.js, Firebase

NFT contract creation tool:

- A no-code tool to build and deploy NFT smart contracts for non-technical founders

- Tech Stack: JavaScript, ExpressJS, Web3.js, Solidity

PDF to Flashcards:

- A web app for students to automatically convert PDFs into study-friendly flashcards with AI.

- Tech Stack: JavaScript, React, ExpressJS, GPT API

Goals for 2024

  • Finish building a simple market-making system in Rust.
  • Study SICP.
  • Visit the US for the first time.
  • Study Calculus 3.
  • Study "An Introduction to Statistical Learning" book.